Welcome to JL Saffer

Welcome photo We are lawyers dedicated to dispelling the myth that sophisticated, top-quality legal representation means big firm bureaucracy, client conflicts, and exorbitant cost.

J.L. Saffer, P.C. is an entrepreneurial law firm founded in 2005 to provide superior, economical, client-oriented solutions to your legal needs. We focus on—and are recognized for excellence in—bankruptcy and creditors' rights, civil litigation, and appeals.

Our network of experienced, talented attorneys with whom we have of counsel, contractual, and other relationships allows us to keep our overhead—and our fees—low. This means we can successfully and expeditiously handle large, complex, labor-intensive cases in a cost-effective way that few other firms can. It also allows us to maximize your legal dollars so that pursuing even a smaller matter makes economic sense.

Because we are confident in our abilities, we are willing to have some “skin in the game." That means we are often amenable to alternative fee arrangements rather than a traditional hourly rate structure. Every situation is unique, of course, and a fee arrangement that works in one context may not in another. In all contexts, however, J.L. Saffer, P.C. works with you to find the option that makes the most sense in a given case—our clients’ interests and ours are aligned so we don’t fear sharing some of the risk with you. Some of alternative fee arrangements that we use include:

  • Fixed Fees;
  • Capped Fees;
  • Performance-based Fees;
  • Blended Rates;
  • Retainer-based Fees;
  • Holdbacks;
  • Discounted Hourly Rates/Volume Discounts; and
  • Hybrid Arrangements (e.g., a flat fees plus an hourly fee; capped fees plus a success bonus; flat/reduced fees plus a contingency fee/performance).

J.L. Saffer, P.C. also works in tandem with in-house counsel of our clients. This provides us the benefit of your business’ internal legal knowledge; and provides you the benefit of our particular experience and expertise.